Shop Hours

Open and Supported Shop Hours

HatchSpace is open for member use Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 6:00PM. We are open Saturdays and Sundays by appointment only.

Support staff may be available to help with your project during staffed hours (M-F, 9-6), when volunteer Shop Mentors (M) are scheduled, or by appointment. 

  • Please email with the hours that you will be in the shop and the type of support you will need.  We'll do our best to support your request. 
  • For additional course mentoring or project support, schedule one-on-one instructor support. Fees are $60/hr; allow up to 72 hours to confirm your session.

Please note that due to the risks to health and safety presented in our shops, we are unable to accommodate visitors with woodworking skills until they have become a member, agreed to our Member Agreement, and signed our Release of Liability and Indemnification paperwork. Everyone must be authorized by a member of staff to use our equipment. Members may schedule tool testing here.

Shop Schedule

Open Shop: Shop hours with a volunteer Shop Steward (S) or member of staff available to assist members and students with questions about basic shop orientation and operations.

Closed Shop: Shop hours with limited to no support; for members able to work independently. No volunteers on site, limited staff support.

9-12PMOpen Shop
Neil M. (S)
Closed  ShopOpen Shop
Heather B. (M)
Closed Shop
Closed Shop
12-3PMClosed Shop
Open Shop
Gail F. (S)
Closed Shop
Closed Shop
Closed Shop

3-6PMClosed Shop
Tool Testing
Open Shop
Terry F. (S)
Open Shop
Millicent C.
Closed ShopOpen Shop
Monica H. (S)


* Closed Shop is for trained users to work independently and students to complete projects. Staff are on-site; there is no volunteer steward on duty. Members must have completed a tool test to use equipment.

** Open Shop are hours with limited support by staff and volunteers; it is a time for members and students who need basic assistance, for example finding tools and supplies (not instruction) in the shop.

***Shop Stewards (S) have scheduled hours to relieve pressure on staff time and provide limited shop maintenance and member support - to answer your questions about where things are and how things work while keeping spaces clean and well-organized. Stewards are not asked by HatchSpace to provide one-on-one instruction; that is the role of Shop Mentors. 

****When HatchSpace is closed members with access codes may use the shop after hours only if you have been given permission to do so and book your tool time online. For example, if you are a steward who closes up at 9PM, you shouldn't feel free to come in on weekends unless you're cleared to do so. Email for more information about 24/7 access.

If you are eligible to come in after hours and elect to do so, we encourage you to share this information with other members via the forum so that you can double up in the shops. Everyone must depart when the member with codes departs.

*** Shop Mentors (M) are volunteers who are specifically requested by HatchSpace - and have agreed - to maintain regular hours where they are on-hand to provide technical support and direction to members who need help with tools, equipment, processes or projects.

If you are interested in supporting HatchSpace as a Shop Steward or Shop Mentor please email

Additional hours may be scheduled by appointment. Email for more information.